November 30, 2022

Picture an idyllic retreat in the heart of the Brazilian rainforest. Imagine settling in to relax beneath the palm trees along white-sand beaches of the Atlantic ocean and lush vegetation of the Atlantic forest, the warmth of the sun on your skin and the cries of birds in the branches above.

You’re sitting on the open veranda of a building whose classic lines complement modern facilities, including a kitchen in which your diet of healthy vegetarian and vegan meals will be freshly-prepared during your time here.

Situated only a short distance from the paradisiacal beaches and surfer-yoga culture of Itacaré – the heart of Brazil’s most beautiful stretch of coastline – this retreat is the Spirit Vine Center.

As relaxing as this sounds, this escape from the chaos of modern life actually comes with a purpose in mind:

To help you find and restore your inner balance and connect with your power.

What is the Spirit Vine Center?
The Spirit Vine Center is a non-profit and trans-denominational interfaith ayahuasca retreat center in Brazil.

In the carefully coordinated surroundings of the retreat, people from all over the world visit to experience ayahuasca. Ayahuasca is a sacred tea which has been brewed by people in this part of the world for thousands of years.

Taking part in an ayahuasca ceremony is a way to go on an inward journey to restore internal balance – or even connect with something greater than yourself.

In the modern world, it’s the perfect place to go and reset yourself from the chaos of everyday life, and re-align yourself towards the things which really matter to you.

What will my experience be like?
The Spirit Vine Center is run by a team of facilitators who emphasize the importance of being in the proper mindset and setting to have an optimal experience. They are set in the midst of the Atlantic rainforest, where you can stay in beautiful bungalows surrounded with curated gardens and have panoramic vistas of the jungle, while still availing comfortable modern amenities.

The facilitators run an impeccable show where activities are organized to give participants a feeling of balance between rest, rejuvenation, inner exploration, and content integration. There are workshops facilitated by the lead organizer Silvia Polivoy, a clinical psychologist who trained in shamanism and various other modalities for spiritual development. Her work presently is in the spiritual domain where she teaches techniques that empower people to look for causes of their symptoms and obstacles, and to resolve them by using their own resources.

To ensure a safe experience, the participants are asked to maintain a diet and eliminate substances that produce addictive or numbing behaviors. This means that alcohol, tobacco and drugs are not allowed in the center. There are also other considerations to participate in the retreat, you can find well-documented and detailed information to prepare for the experience on the Spirit Vine website.

Apart from the workshops, there are also yoga classes, excursions to the beaches, waterfalls and jungle, and plenty of time to relax near the natural swimming pond at the center, or take a relaxing massage. All of these activities are the perfect complement to the transformative power of the ayahuasca ceremony itself.

Where: Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Retreat Center
Rodovia Ilheus Itacare, Km. 52 – Vila Camboinha,
Itacaré – BA, 45530-000, Brazil
Phone: +55 73 99988-5785


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