November 29, 2022

Seasons change and lovely autumn is here. If you want to have a beautiful design in your home that also reflects the outside, follow these tips for seamlessly incorporating top interior design trends into your rental.

As rainy days become more common and fog settles upon your city, your rental apartment becomes a refuge where you can relax and recharge. While many people think that you can’t really modify the interior design of your rental without penalties, there are some workarounds to personalize your place.

With the change of seasons, the tendency is to go all orange and leafy. But we have some other tricks for a fall-inspired interior design—as well as how you can best incorporate them into your rental. Imagine going out for a walk amid the falling leaves and returning home to brew a cup of fresh coffee, then sitting down and wrapping yourself in a warm blanket, enjoying it.

Looking around, your home is amazing, and it feels like fall is present even inside. Here is a quick guide for how you can achieve that.

Start with a Neutral Base
Elegant grays, creamy whites, and sandy and oatmeal tones are great choices for long curtains, soft carpets, and large pieces of furniture. By creating a light, neutral background on which you can layer different colors, you will set a calm tone for the rental while allowing the freedom of easy, seasonal change. The walls will most likely be neutral, as well. But, even if they aren’t, neutral tones fit into a lot of combinations.

A neutral base works best for a variation of styles, from Shabby Chic—which puts forth the aesthetics of randomness—to the timeless Vintage style, complementing both orderly elegance and colorful chaos.

Contrast with Dark Furniture
Increasingly present in the catalogs of interior designers, black and dark gray furniture are elegant and timeless trends. Go for slim details and lines by incorporating dark lighting systems, picture frames, chairs, and tables to complement the neutral base. This trend is very popular right now, especially in combination with the Industrial design style. You’ll find that this contrast adds the perfect balance to your design and allows other colors to mix in seamlessly.

One trend that embraces the contrast of black and white is Asian Zen. By decorating according to this style, you reflect the balance of everyday life into your home.

Add Pops of Color
Depending on your taste, you can now add pops of color to your rooms. Some of the trends for this year’s fall include a dark, stately forest green, dark blues—including peacock blue and evening blue—and tonal reds, terracotta, and copper. Additionally, different shades of intermixed purple can beautifully complement grays and greens to create a strong, bold statement piece in your room. Moss green and amber are also a very autumnal pair, that bring a hint of nature into your home.

If you like a colorful room, think about incorporating fall décor into the Mid-Century Modern design, which is represented by bold and sophisticated colors and geometrical patterns in details, complemented by simple and practical main pieces of furniture.

Create Layers of Coziness
For a fall décor, add layers on top of layers of comfy carpets, cushions and pillows, and blankets. The rustic style fits nicely here, encouraging items with lots of textures and prints. Although tougher to achieve in a rental apartment, the rustic style can be mimicked through natural materials and random combinations. Rely on wood and stone, contrasting furniture, and curved lines, and design the arrangements to create a feeling of haphazardness.

If rustic isn’t for you, geometric patterns can create an eye-catching design that can be either bold and dramatic or calm and minimal. An up-and-coming trend for 2019 is velvet, so if you want to go full cozy, a velvet couch might be the right accent for you.

One piece that screams cozy is a brick fireplace, with a wood fire burning inside. If you already have one in your apartment, you are lucky. If not, discuss with your landlord to see if it is possible. Because of the buildings’ restrictions, your best chance is to go for a faux electric fireplace.

Add Personal Details
Finally, incorporate smaller details to personalize your home as you see fit. Add natural elements like plants, or materials such as stone and concrete. Brass is also coming back with a vengeance on the list of preferred materials, in addition to copper and gold. No matter where the trend is going, this is where you get to paint your masterpiece. Make the home represent you.

Be it art, memorabilia, trinkets, or artisanal features, tell your story through these details. Bring together souvenirs of your travels, inherited items, toys, plants, pottery, whatever you feel fits you. And if this does not appeal to you, there is always the option of minimalism.

The minimalist design is focused on creating a clutter-free environment, where balance and tranquility dictate the feel of the room. For a small apartment, this is ideal, since it will make it feel so much larger. Allow plenty of natural light to come in and don’t overcomplicate your design. Your story, in this case, will be told by the absence of things.

You don’t have to repaint and drastically change an apartment to personalize it and make it fit your style. Redesign and change the feel of the entire rental by simply paying attention to colors and texture; the finer details will make it feel like your own.

About the author: Mihaela Buzec is a passionate reader and writer with an affinity for language and linguistics, as well as the latest technological developments. She has a BA in English Language and Literature and is now studying for an MA in Current Linguistics. She discovered her passion for real estate at RENTCafé, and you can read more of her articles on their blog.


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