December 2, 2022

Living rooms are so valuable. They make the character of your house, it is where you make maximum memories, where you have your parties; a haven of intimate conversations. In short it’s the heart of your home, so it ought to look good. Doing up your home is a lot of fun, in fact; it’s underrated on the fun-o-meter. We have listed below some very awesome additions for your living room. Count on these standout products for the living room to get an incredible makeover-

1. Baccarat Zenith chandelier: Okay, so let’s give it to the chandelier for single-handedly converting any conventional place in to… a palace. There’s something so grand about chandeliers; you keep gazing at them in adoration and really don’t care what the rest of the house looks like. The Zenith chandelier is one such truly sensational decorative piece. This lustrous, clear crystal is a sculptural splendor. The composition of this chandelier ranges from 6 to 48 lights. An absolute must-have to polish up a living room from drab to fab.

2. Roche Babois – Mah Jong sofa: in order to liven a living room, you need the right furniture. Kenzo Takada reinvents the Mah Jong sofa for Roche Bobois and pumps life into dead spaces with his splash of colors and fabrics. Kenzo Takada took inspiration from ancient kimonos used in the Noh Theatre, re-interpreting their patterns and colors to create fine and sophisticated harmonies symbolizing the 3 times of the day: Asa (morning), Hiru (midday), Yoru (evening). The shapes and colors are very vibrant, put a picture on the wall in a minute and you can change the entire look of your room.

3. Aston Martin coffee table: the Aston martin coffee table is made of a combination of marble and glass. Marble currently is the hot thing in the furniture industry and if you’re considering revamping your living room space then this addition will be sturdy and sweet. The low lying coffee table measures cm 120x120x37h.

4. Lalique candle: The Lalique Oceans Crystal Scented Candle comprises of exotic ingredients such as precious ambergris, Lalique captures a mesmerizing, sea-inspired scent in this Oceans candle. The candle is presented in a reusable crystal vase adorned with swallows flying over the ripples and waves of an ocean. Candles are the most heart-warming additions to any space and the more you have of them the better.


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