November 30, 2022

Creating my first fashion collection was not easy…

I was at the beginning of my great adventure in the fashion world.
Mario Valentino’s enthusiasm for my prints on leather convinced me I would be able to enter the fashion world through the main door. I went to work and started thinking of a collection entirely created, designed, printed and made by me. I thought everything was in my favor: age, entrepreneurship, and fantasy.

Creating a collection would not be easy, but I loved drawing, creating, knowing how to judge fashion. Fashion was beginning to enter my DNA, but to set up a collection I needed experience and the tailoring field was completely unknown to me. I decided to create my style with color and my prints.

By now I had made my decision and nothing would convince me otherwise, though I did not know exactly where to begin. A collection? Of course it was not easy. I climbed the steps not only of the Fashion planet, but also those of that big planet, Life.

I could have made evening dresses, long skirts, shirts, tops, overcoats, short jackets and unlined jackets. Fortunately, I was not obsessed with shape. I liked simple shapes. The novelty and the change I introduced compared with that of other designers was mainly in the materials I used. I had already in mind what designs to print on leather: some floral motifs and motifs that imitated the design of the fur of certain animals. Skin print on leather would certainly be an innovation!

With the help of a modeler and a small group of outsourced seamstress, I decided to make a collection of a few pieces.


I had based my success on my feelings and my insights and I knew I was right.

I began to decorate the leather with high pressure and hot techniques to create movement and relief effects.

Few know that I am the creator and initiator of these leather printing techniques.


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