October 2, 2022

How the NYC based muralist created a stunning interactive art piece while having a wish come true.

An artist’s iconic turning point:

Hockney had his swimming pool, Warhol his soup can and Haring his radiant baby: Every inspiring artist has an iconic point in their career where their practice is challenged, they make a new discovery, boundaries are pushed and as a result their work evolves. In New York City, visual artist David Paul Kay, who works primarily in black and white, reflects on the year gone by, telling the story of a pivotal moment of his own. He’d always hoped to use color in his works and this collaboration meant he could fulfil that wish. Meeting Montblanc marked a new chapter in his body of work. Together they defined a strong shade of red allowing David to produce a striking, interactive artwork. “To me, creating black and white art is like playing the piano, bringing in the color red feels very authentic. Now that I’ve added a touch of violin to my piano, I can hear a different sound that I like. It’s my voice, my melody and my new experiences that offer my art a new dimension.”

„To me, creating black and white art is like playing the piano… Now that I’ve added a touch of violin to my piano, I can hear a different sound that I like.“

– David Paul Kay, Visual artist

The shaping of a resilient, creative mind:

David Paul Kay is in his studio in uptown Manhattan. Sun streams through the lofty warehouse windows. He talks fondly about his childhood, being born in Georgia, Eastern Europe, into a family dedicated to educating him in traditional literature, music and the arts. He revelled in the art of the renaissance and European modern masters like Picasso and Kandinsky. These introductions made at an early age built the confident foundation for his life as an artist. But it wasn’t easy growing up amidst the fall of the Soviet Union. After challenging times and personal battles, which he now positively puts down to ’inspiration’, he saw the bright lights at the end of the tunnel: New York City.Play Video

“The reason I left my home country is simple: I’m gay. I had to escape to New York to find a safe harbor. There I could continue developing myself personally and artistically.” His move was an artistic rebirth. The city that introduced him to the likes of Warhol and Pollock provided the perfect, ever-changing, buzzing backdrop for the young and eager artist. And he’s never stopped evolving since.

„The madness all around me unleashed a massive, creative energy.“

– David Paul Kay, about the pulse of NYC

A collaboration to inspire, energize and broaden horizons:

Earlier in September, David travelled to the Montblanc headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, where he and Montblanc defined a special color that would add a positive energy to his artwork: a strong shade of red. In combination with his iconic black and white the new red became a part of a limited spray can edition. A new instrument for the muralist who mainly used paint and markers before.

„I was talking to a group of people who gave me an opportunity to take my work to the next level.“

– David Paul Kay, on his visit to the Montblanc headquarters

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