December 2, 2022

The ongoing pandemic has left a mark on pretty much every aspect of our lives. We’ve seen entire economies slow down, we’ve seen industries get to the brink of bankruptcy, we’ve seen millions of jobs disappear overnight, and we’ve seen the “normal” turned upside-down. It’s hard to see the upside of a situation like this. Venues and hotels around the world, restaurants, bars, and movie theaters are closed, flights, festivals are off, and not even the Sunborn superyacht casino resort will only accept essential workers. There are, in turn, a few things that may put a smile on our faces even in this dire situation: a few innovative services that made the most of the lockdowns and social distancing.

Fun on Zoom:
A few weeks ago, the news wrote about a slightly unusual way to spice up boring Zoom meetings: by booking animals like llamas or goats. There is no way to know if this was the inspiration behind Cameo’s idea but the fact remains: you can book celebrities to join your Zoom calls through the service.

Among the celebrities you can book for a 10-minute Zoom call, you find famous faces like celebrity blogger Perez Hilton ($225), Lord of the Rings and Stranger Things star Sean Astin ($599), professional skateboarder Tony Hawk ($1,000), former NSYNC singer Lance Bass ($1,250) or even NFL legend Brett Favre ($5,000).

Lockdown in luxury:
Being stuck at home is no fun, even if the home we’re talking about is a large estate with a garden, a swimming pool, and a wine cellar. For those looking for more, there’s always Le Bijou, the boutique luxury apart-hotel network in Switzerland’s most desirable cities for rates ranging from $800 to $2,000 a night.

Not long after the pandemic started to really show its strength, Le Bijou debuted its COVID-19 Service. The package included contactless check-in, in-room coronavirus testing, twice-daily nurse check-in, or round-the-clock nurse care. These services were not for every pocket, though – they cost a few thousand dollars over the suites’ normal rates.

Cruising in style:
Even the most luxurious dwelling will start to feel like a prison if you spend too much time in it. Wanderlust emerges in your soul, you start to crave the green of a forest or the blue of the high seas – or pretty much anything that doesn’t have any walls to surround it. And this is where Ecoventura can be of service.

Ecoventura offers luxury and first-class cruises to its patrons visiting the Galápagos Islands – and it will be among the first of its kind to resume service on July 1st. This gives you a unique chance to see the marvels of perhaps the most famous archipelago in the world with so few tourists and other vessels in sight. To make the deal even sweeter, Ecoventura offers a charter deal of just $96,600, complete with exclusive of airfare and taxes, on all available departure dates until December 13.


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